Overseas Agency Ltd” was founded in 1969 and soon established a place among the leading shipbroking firms in Piraeus, Greece.

Throughout the years we have achieved an international reputation for our business ethics, the quality of our services and the experience in our field.

Up until the late 1970’s “Overseas Agency Ltd” traded as a multi-activity shipbroking firm maintaining departments specialising in the chartering of ships to lift dry and liquid cargoes, the Sale & Purchase of ships, the arranging of ship finance and the undertaking of ship management. Oil trading was another activity.

From 1978 to 1997 the Company's activities became more concentrated on broking the Sale & Purchase of ships and the provision of ship finance services in support of this activity.

In 1997, “Overseas Agency Ltd” entered into an agreement with
Ukraine's Ministry of Industrial Policy to promote the Ukrainian shipbuilding industry and all related branches of the sector, to Greek Shipping worldwide. This, of course, resulted in important changes to the Company's activity profile. The Ukrainian agreement was reached in co-operation with Bureau Veritas, which assisted in the technical aspects of the project through its extensive presence in the East European region.

Furthermore, in January of 1999, “Overseas Agency Ltd” was elected an Associate Member of the Ukrainian Shipbuilders' Association (
UKRSUDPROM) with the deliberative voice. Additionally, as of April 1999, the Company hosted in its premises the Piraeus’ based Honorary Consulate of Ukraine.

In 2000 “Overseas Agency Ltd” was appointed as an official valuator for the
Athens’ Stock Exchange (ASE).
In 2003 the founder of “Overseas Agency Ltd”, the late Takis G. Makris, was succeeded by his son, Mr. George P. Makris who serves as President of the Board and Managing Director of the Company.

In 2005, in order to improve its services to its Clients, the Company’s activities were expanded to include, once more, dry cargo chartering.

In 2008, a further expansion step was taken into the Insurance field through the establishment of "
Overseas Insurance Consultants" which was formed by highly regarded professionals with many years of experience in all classes of Insurance.


Overseas Agency's core activity has always been shipbroking. Whether an investment involves contracting of a newbuilding, the purchase, sale or demolition of a ship, the experience gained over the years has enabled those at Overseas Agency to reliably and effectively anticipate and service our Clients’ needs.

In a very competitive business like shipping, timing is the key to success. The right timing comes with having access to the most up-to-date information on developments in a fast changing market place. Finding the right vessel for a Buyer, or a serious Buyer for a Seller, is a skill, which Overseas Agency prides itself on.

The collection of market information is one thing; the ability to elaborate on it is another. Overseas Agency was pioneer in the use of computers in the shipbroking world, and since the mid 1970’s the company has been fully computerised, utilising a unique “intelligent” system designed specifically for the company's use and thus the benefit of its Clients. This computer system has been constantly updated and upgraded in order to be always ahead of the demands of the industry.

Furthermore, in addition to the issuance of the usual valuation certificates, Overseas Agency has always been working with Banks and Financial Institutions to place ships controlled by them in the market and to arrange pre-auction agreements and private sales.

Our Company is often called upon to act as an expert witness and issue reports for legal use.


Having originally its activities, apart from S&P and Ships’ financing, with dry and wet Chartering as well as operating as a Shipmanager and Charterer through its subsidiaries, it was decided in 2005 to expand the Company’s core field of business to involve, once more, dry cargo chartering.

Apart from being merely a competitive Chartering firm, Overseas Agency’s objective was to combine its long established relations both with Shipowners and a large number of Trading Houses and Charterers in an aim to better serve its Clients and Colleagues and cover their needs even more professionally and in an even more comprehensive manner.

In this respect the lay-out of Overseas Agency’s Chartering Department was organised in such a way so as to become an integral part of the Company’s already established and successful S&P Department. The two departments are sharing a recently upgraded, integrated, advanced and dedicated computer system which assists them in obtaining, exchanging and analysing information more rapidly and more efficiently.


Having arranged its first loan in 1972, Overseas Agency has been active, for more than forty years, in arranging shipping loans for its Clients, by using its wide range of contacts with Banks and other Financing Institutions. The long experience in this field has been used to provide guidance on the appropriate structure for the transaction, and to prepare a comprehensive financial presentation for submission to potential lenders. The aim is to ensure that the Client obtains the optimum facility for each purchase, and that any advice necessary is given throughout the period during which the loan is outstanding.

Our Company has frequently provided guidance on the restructuring of a facility, when the borrower has faced difficulty in meeting the terms, and it has also been able to use its skills and experience to optimise the recovery to all parties, in the case of an enforced sale.

In addition, we aim to provide any possible assistance to the Shipping Community in taking advantage of the rapid developments in the Financial Markets, and Financing Techniques.

A wide range of financial and management consultancy including advice on investment proposals, feasibility studies, portfolio management, corporate structure, cash management, the publication of financial information, and general administrative and operational matters, are being provided.


Through the establishment of
"Overseas Insurance Consultants", formed by highly regarded professionals with many years of experience in all classes of Insurance, Overseas Agency Ltd has taken a step further in expanding the field of services provided to its Clients.

"Overseas Insurance Consultants"

Technology and ongoing globalization of business have led to an increasing and more diverse demand for risk management and consulting services. Extensive research and expertise across many different classes of insurance have enabled us to meet these challenges through the development of specialized industry-specific solutions.

Overseas Insurance Consultants is structured around the different industry sectors, therefore better enabling us to offer the attendant skills, knowledge and experience needed for the research, design and implementation of specific Risk Management and Insurance programs.

Our position and profile engenders loyalty and support from the market.

Overseas Insurance Consultants exist precisely to assist our Clients and we are highly committed towards providing them with the best and most competitive way to manage any risk and protect their investments around the world.

We have developed specialized know-how in most business areas, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

Our dedicated, professional and highly skilled employees guarantee innovative and comprehensive solutions to all business-related risks. This customer-centric approach, coupled with our multi-disciplinary resources, ensures that our Clients receive leading edge solutions.

  • Marine Insurance

  • Worldwide Property

  • Political Risks

  • Fine Art

  • Specie

  • Financial and Professional Risks

  • Energy

  • Construction

  • Aviation

Are the areas where Overseas Insurance Consultants can provide the most suitable solutions, customized to the Clients’ specific needs.

Risk Management and Insurance Broking Services include:

  • Enterprise risk management consulting

  • Risk Control and Consulting

  • Insurance programs design and co-ordinating

  • Claims Management

  • Insurance product research and design